SSRS Report and Viewer Not displaying in AX2012 R2.

Problem / Symptoms: SSRS Reports executed from code under limited security permissions are not displaying in AX2012 R2 or above.

Description: When running an SSRS Report that is being kicked off via code from a user role with limited security permissions, neither the report nor the report viewer is displayed. No error messages are presented. Under elevated (admin) permissions the reports are displayed. The same user is able to execute normal reports via menu-items.

The debugger will fail in class: SRSReportRun.constructReportSettings on the line settings.SetWebServiceUrl(serverConfig.serverId(), serverConfig.reportServerURL());

Solution: I wasn’t able to find any specific security permissions linked to this error that would fix the security role, however I did discover that AX seems to have deprecated the use of the SRSReportRun class in favour of the SRSReportRunController class.

Old Code:

SrsReportRun srsReportRun;
srsReportRun = new SrsReportRun (‘MyReport.ReportDesign1’);

New Code

SrsReportRunController controller;
controller = new SrsReportRunController();

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