Datasource Save, method execution order

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 4.10.15 PMWhen saving records in a form in Dynamics AX a lot of methods are fired off both on the form as well as on the table itself. I haven’t found another flow diagram describing what methods are fired and in what order, so I tested and found the results displayed in the diagram to the left:

  1. Form’s Validate() method on the datasource is called
  2. When super() is called with in the validate() method, the table’s validateField() method is called for each field
  3. Code placed after the super() in the form’s validate method is called
  4. Form’s validateWrite() method on the datasource is called
  5. When the super() is called in the validateWrite() method, the table’s validateWrite() method is called
  6. Code placed after the super() in the form’s validateWrite() method is called
  7. Form’s write() method is called.
  8. When the super() is called in the write() method, the table’s insert() method is called.
  9. Code placed after the super() in the form’s write() method is called.

Comment below if you have corrections or additions to this diagram.
Happy daxing.

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