One thought on “Share AX User Form Customizations Between Companies

  1. Recently, I was troubleshooting an issue related to user settings. There was a requirement to migrate the user settings from one environment to another.

    There is an AX 2009 form which users make their own personalisations to, moving some of the fields around, or perhaps adding other fields (via the right click->setup functions) , so that unnecessary fields are hidden. I have saved that form personalization , so that it is available for me , when i save my form personalization i want to share it between others users ,when a user click on button “retrieve from user” he found name of my customization but my personalization are not aplied to the form in her session , the same thing when i try to export xpo project to another environment. i ‘m trying to copy usage data from user to user but I haven’t yet to successfully. And i was trying to use your code but isn’t work for me ,i can’t get the name of personalization and i’m working on ax 2009

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