AX DB Restore Scripts – Full Script

Just over a month ago I embarked on a series of posts on SQL scripts that I use when restoring Dynamics AX databases from one environment to another. We have covered topics including server setups, general configurations as well as data cleans to get your new environment up and smoothly running as quickly as possible. We are now at the end of the series and I trust it has been helpful to you in structuring your scripts.

I’d just like to remind you that these posts and scripts are not meant to be used as is but rather to serve as a guide to adapt for your specific scenario and to prompt your own thinking as to what you will need.

That said you can download my templated script here or view it below (download)

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2 thoughts on “AX DB Restore Scripts – Full Script

  1. Hi,
    Great summary information. If there will be second AOS, I think, it will also be a good idea to update GLOBALGUID field in SYSSQMSETTINGS table, set null GUID value (before second AOS starts).

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