Remotely Controlling AOS services

I’ve recently moved into an environment with multiple load balanced AOSs that need to be controlled during code deployment and maintenance. If one needs to stop and start these services include either to logging into each machine individually or using the Windows services control panel to connect to the indivual machines to shutdown each AOS service.

Both of these options unfortunately are rather tedious and time consuming especially if you have numerous services to control and need to do it quickly. A simple way to do this is to batch/script the process using command line instructions to control the remote services. You can use sc.exe application to do so. Here are some examples:

sc \\[SERVERNAME] stop [SERVICENAME] e.g. sc \\JH-Srv-01  stop AOS60$01
sc \\[SERVERNAME] start [SERVICENAME] e.g. sc \\JH-Srv-01  start AOS60$01

This will issue the commands but won’t necessarily wait around while the services are stopping or starting.
Adding multiple of these commands to a single .BAT file will make you environment management life much easier! You can also use it to control other services like SSRS etc…

Note 1: You will obviously need the necessary permissions on each of these servers to do these tasks.
Note 2: The service name is the name listed under the properties (right click on the service, click properties) of the service not the one in the list of services.