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Recently a question was asked on the Dynamics AX community forums about the reason for and the use of manual decisions in Workflow. (see original thread)

Basically manual decisions allow you as a implementation consultant at configuration time to define a question for a user to answer with two outcomes (answers) that can be used to change the logical process flow of the workflow.

Normally in my experience with workflow, processes tend to not rely on a user’s choice to define the flow, but rather on a pre-decided flow and set of rules that can be catered for by automatic decisions (conditional statements), assignment etc. However there may, from time to time, be choices that are simply too fuzzy or complex for system to handle and we can therefore delegate the decision to a human user to make. For example: We may want a purchase requisition to go through an RFQ cycle if a senior manager thinks that the amount “looks” too much, or that he thinks there “may be” preferential treatment of a selected vendor. There is no conditional statements in AX that can cater for these subjective scenarios. So we can simple ask a user using a manual decision.

So here is how we setup a manual decision.


1. Create a new workflow configuration of your choice and fill in all the basic details. E.G. Purchase Requisition review.
2. Drag the “Manual decision” control from the “Flow controls” onto your workflow configuration.

Manual_Decision_13. Select the newly created Manual decision and click the properties Icon in ribbon bar.
4. Provide a name for the element so that it makes sense in your configuration.
5. In the “Workitem Subject” field pose a question to the user. E.G. Does this requisition require a Review / RFQ?
6. Provide a description with more details in the “Work item instructions”.
7. Select the “Outcomes” tab (under Basic settings) and enter the two answers for the user. E.G. “Review Document” and “Do not review”
8. Select the assignment tab and choose who to pose the question to. (beyond the scope of this blog)
9. Click close.
10. On your workflow diagram create the relevant elements such as  requisition review and approval nodes (beyond the scope of this blog)

11. Connect up your Manual decision
11.1 Connect an incoming flow to your decision e.g. From the start element (or from any other workflow element.
11.2 Connect (from the left of your decision) the Outcome one node to the element that your want to process should the user select what you defined as Outcome one. E.G. In our example Outcome 1 was to review document, so we connect outcome 1 to the review element. Hint: Hover over the decision to see the handle to drag the process flow
11.3 Repeat 11.2 for outcome 2.

12. Save and close your workflow. (ensure you select the “activate new version” option) when prompted

Test your workflow.

1. Create your document and submit it into workflow.
2. The user you selected in step 8 above should (after workflow has processed for a minute or two) see the following screen with our question and two outputs.



3. The user can now select an option and workflow will be redirected as needed.


I hope this is helpful in understanding Manual decisions in Workflow in Dynamics AX.

Happy Daxing

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