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  1. Hey!
    Really good to see your enthusiasm for Dynamics. Had a couple of questions, could you please help me clarify them?

    1 – While setting up the configuration to generate payment to the vendor via checks, I am unable to create any checks. For testing I am using the Payment Journal in the purchase ledger and the generate payment button in functions is greyed. Also, the post button is greyed and I am unable to post. There is just one workflow approval, which I don’t think should be affecting the generation of cheque payments.

    I have set up methods of payment against the bank through which the payment is going to be made, however the issue still persists.

    Anyone with a solution to clear this, and also step by step procedure to set up checks to make payments. Is there a way I can incorporate printing on bank checks?

    Also, will the same apply to receiving payments from customers?

    2 – I am trying to set up fixed asset in AX 2012 and there are a couple of things I am facing :

    a – Minimum Depreciation Amount is set to 5, however assets are being depreciated to zero value

    b- Capitalization Threshold is set to 19,000. Again assets below the value of 19,000 are also being depreciated.

    c- Is there a way (automatically, by selecting continuing property option in the property group) by which an asset can directly expensed and no transaction goes through the accumulated transaction account?

    Many thanks!

  2. Hi Jonathan,

    I have a question for you :
    Is it possible to define users at run time for workflow’s escalation… like use of participant provider which can be defined several users.

    Thanks in advance

  3. Hi Jonathan,

    I have a requirement in my test environment that i need to retain the users&their security roles to same even after data refresh from PROD.

    I have followed the below steps:

    So before going for data refresh in TEST i have created a definition group with a name “User Roles” under System Administration > Common > Data export/import > Definition groups.

    And then i have added the below tables to the above definition group

    “UserInfo” and “SecurityUserRole”

    After this, i have exported them to a comma file type file , finally i have ended up with a .dat & .def files.

    Now, after the data refresh is over from PROD to TEST,

    I have exported the above .dat file back to TEST as follows.

    1. System Administration > Common > Data export/import > Import
    2. Selected the .dat file
    3. IN the ‘Advanced’ tab below options were set to yes:
    a. Include shared tables: Yes
    b. Include system tables: Yes
    c. Update existing record: Yes
    4. Confirmed dialog for import into related tables.
    5.Clicked Ok in the dialog to select which tables you want to delete before import
    6.Did not select any tables

    After importing progress bar will shown up and i have ended up with below errors.

    and there is no roles have been updated to the users.

    Below is the error description:

    Import database.

    Cannot execute the required database operation.

    The SQL database has issued an error.

    An error occurred during data import.

    Cannot execute the required database operation.

    The record already exists.


    Cannot execute the required database operation.

    The record already exists.


    The import took 13 seconds, for 1824 records.

    What could be the reason for above failure.

  4. Can you Help me with This Error, I Configured the User,Email Template and Company languge to en-us but this error Still

    Stopped (error): X++ Exception: No message was sent. Language EN-US was not found.
    at SysWorkflowWorkItem-create

    • Hi Ruben. What workflow type is this? If you are using an organisation wide workflow you need to create a system email template, and if you have Company specific ones you need to create normal email template. I would recommend keeping these both with the same IDs.

  5. Hi,
    How do we customize email attachment document and email template in ax 2012 approval workflow process?
    I found some web site but it did not solve my problem.
    Thanks for replying.

  6. Hi,
    Good that I have landed in your blog!!! Wealth of information on AX

    Well I am in search of information for my requirement:
    in AX 2009 sometimes we re-assign the workflows for approval to different users, need a report for such records which were re-assigned?

    Any help???

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